Ariel International Center Wedding Photographer: Lindsay + Steve

As I write this I am truly in awe of a couple of things.  One is the amount of amazing photos we captured on Lindsay + Steve's wedding day (seriously, new record here!)  And two is what beautiful people Lindsay + Steve are inside and obviously out : )  I mean wow, the one word that keeps coming to mind to describe their wedding day really is epic.  That would be the best way to describe certain things that took place such as Steve playing the drums on E. 4th while his new wife Lindsay danced and cheered him on and rooftop sunset and night time photos.  Oh, and did I mention a Barrio truck?  Yes, there was a Barrio truck.  And then there were things like Lindsay tearing up during her vows and toasts and the way Steve looked at her all day long and the fact they had so many friends at their wedding because once you have the pleasure of meeting Lindsay + Steve you will soon be calling them friends.  That's how they are.  They are some of the most genuine people I have met and when they interact with you they just have the ability to make you feel like you are an old friend.  I can't put into words quite how special (and epic!) their day was but I have to say that I was privileged to witness it and ultimately preserve it for them.  And I am so happy because between all the amazing photos we got and all the hard work their videographers did there is no doubt their day has been immortalized and will never be forgotten.  Lindsay + Steve I want to say simply thank you.  Thank you for being you and infusing all of your goodness into your wedding for all of us to enjoy.  I know there are so many good things coming your way in the future because you deserve nothing less.  

Ok, now on to all these photos!!!!  Enjoy ; )

* And one more gigantic thank you to my amazing second photographer Andrea Hallgren!

The Ceremony - Our Lady of Peace, Cleveland, OH     I     The Reception - Ariel International Center     I     The Dress - Justin Alexander     I     The Blooms - Molly Taylor & Co.     I     The Videographers - The Image in Motion     I     The Cake - Crave     I     The DJ - Rock the House     I     Makeup Artist - Stacey Mielnik     I     Hair - Jennifer & Co. - Sara Ohler     I     The Shoes - Alex Marie     I     The Bridesmaids Dresses - from The Perfect Bride     I     The Tuxes - from Jos A. Bank     I     The Chiavari Chairs - from The Groom (you can rent them from him!)     I     Other Important Vendors - J&J Catering - Peace, Love & Little Donuts - Barrio - A1 Mr. Limo