Cleveland Bat Mitzvah Photographer: Dara

Wow, where do I start when telling you how amazing Dara's Bat Mitzvah was?!  There were just so many great moments to capture.  Dara spending some special time with her family during her rehearsal getting ready for her Bat Mitzvah service.  Dara and all of her family right before her service.  Dara and all of her friends and family dancing the night away after her service.  It was just all amazing.  Dara is such a kind young woman and after having spent time with her family I know exactly where she gets it from.  Everyone I talked to was just so friendly.  It made for the most enjoyable time documenting this important time in Dara's life.  And let me tell you, that party, oh boy!!  Now that was a party!  Just wait until you see some of the moves that the amazing Rock the House dancers were showing everyone on the dance floor.  Incredible!!!  A big thank you to Dara and her family for allowing me the special opportunity of preserving all of these memories for you.  It was my pleasure : )  Enjoy!