NYE Youngstown Wedding: Casey + Mark

Well all this snow that we are getting now has me thinking about what Casey + Mark had hoped would be present on their wedding day : )  Well, maybe not this much!  I was just really excited that we were going to have the opportunity to shoot outside during their special day since the weather was pretty mild!  Now it did start raining...and it was cold but man, Casey + Mark were just amazing about everything.  And there was still a little bit of snow on the ground for some photos so it was a win-win.  One other thing to mention is that Casey + Mark always knew their wedding day was about the commitment they would be making to each other.  Sure, it was fun to plan all the details but really their marriage was what it was all about.  So in the end it didn't matter if it were a blizzard outside or a heat wave, their love would be true and present no matter what.  I will say this wedding did have some of the most amazing portraits of a bride in a hooded cape!  It also contains the most adorable pup.  Seriously.  So enjoy so many of Casey + Mark's amazing photos below to catch a glimpse of their love : )