Millstream Park and Medina Square Engagement: Kari + Nick

Not only do I love photographing love, but I also love going back through the images and getting them ready for my couples.  I get so excited thinking about my couples seeing all of their precious moments documented for them during their engagement session and then getting even more excited to do it again on the wedding day!  I don't think you can look at the following images of Kari + Nick and not help but fall a little in love with them.  You can't help but be happy for them, the love they share and their upcoming wedding day.  Kari + Nick had an incredible engagement session and let me tell you it was cooold.  Kari + Nick however were the best of sports not even complaining once!  And again, from the looks of it you can tell they had a wonderful time together.  Oh, and they love to fish.  Well maybe Nick a little more than Kari but you get the idea ; )