Harvest Bible Chapel Wedding: Lizz + Pat

Congratulations Mr. + Mrs. Riedy! 

The Riedys had the kind of fall wedding day that you dream about when you are planning a fall wedding.  The colors were at their peak and the sun was the most beautiful fall sun you can imagine.  The kind that is not too bright and has a soft golden tone to it even at noon.  There were some other factors that made this day so great too.  First, Lizz + Pat are amazing.  They are so comfortable with themselves and their love for each other that it was rather intoxicating just being around them and documenting their day.  Lizz's energy is unparalled : )  She is also hilarious and had me either smiling or cracking up most of the day!  Pat is so easy to be around and just soaks up Lizz's love and matches it with his own love for her.  Like I said, what made this day even more special was because of the type of amazing people Lizz + Pat are.  I was blessed to have been able to capture all their special moments and I hope you enjoy a bunch of my favorites below!