Youngstown Engagement: Alisha + Nicholas

Um, wow.  Like really WOW! 

I knew I was going to have fun shooting Alisha + Nicholas's engagement session.  Alisha and I talked on the phone a couple of times and texted a bit and I found her to just be so sweet and kind.  I couldn't wait to meet her and her fiance, Nicholas.  Then things got even more exciting when she asked me if I would be willing to do their engagement session in a very special place which is dear to her.  This special place is a magical field blooming with bluebells but only during a certain and short time of year.  We planned it the best we could so we could catch the bluebells in all their glory.  When the day finally came we thought we were going to have to work around rain and were a little bummed but still excited to get into that field.  Well, the rain never came and instead it really was a magical evening.  I am so excited to show off some of my most favorite images ever and I owe it all to Alisha + Nicholas.  Thank you to you both for bringing me into your life to witness a little bit of your love and magic : )  Cannot wait for next year!

~ Jessica