Meadow Ridge Wedding: Courtney + Justin

And the twist is...

the twist is that it rained.  In the middle of the stunning outdoor ceremony.  Yes, it did.  And everyone ran to the nearest umbrella and then quickly into the covered ceremony location.  But you know what, I think I saw more genuine smiles on everyone's faces because of it than I've seen at many other ceremonies lol!  And I was able to capture a little of the beautiful chaos and it was awesome.  The ceremony continued under cover and again I got to witness and document Courtney + Justin's sweet love for each other : )  We still got all of the gorgeous photos we wanted to get and I have to say, I am in love with how saturated all of the colors are in these photos because of the cloudy and rainy skies.  So rich and beautiful.  Check them out for yourselves!

The Venue     I     Meadow Ridge

The Dress     I     Oleg Cassini

The Blooms     I     Lisa Daniel Floral

The Sweets     I     Cake Kisses

The Entertainment     I     Hi Fi Entertainment